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About Us

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Despite enjoying a vocal fan base, it's not all rosy within the UK sausage scene. Once heralded as sure-fire food hero (affordable comfort food, life and soul of the family BBQ, homely Winter warmer, revered sandwich filler or heroic frontman for the hearty cooked breakfast) sausages are increasingly being typecast as an earthy outcast within today's healthier living society.

We believe the exact opposite! Of course a healthier lifestyle is to be embraced with open eyes but if you're going to break ranks every so often, do it for something truly worthwhile, which is why we champion small batches of 'top-notch' bangers made with best-in-class British meats, South African spices and the very finest culinary TLC!

Boerewors has a vital role to play in reviving the fortunes of the 'trusty' sausage fixture:

  • Helping open-minded Brits broaden their sausage horizons
  • Celebrating the growth of best-in-class world cuisine
  • Enthusing a nostalgic ex-pat community looking for tasty reminders of their homeland heritage

The Founders

Founder image Delight Mapasure - Co-Founder
Zimbabwean born award winning serial entrepreneur who loves food, cooking and hosting family and friends- boerewors is always on the menu. Believes in the preservation of Southern African heritage which she is why she has become a strong ambassador of Southern African Cuisine.


founder image Keitumetse Eugene Ngwenya - Co-Founder
South African born and a huge fan of braai (BBQ) with top quality ‘Voroso’ (boerewors as its popularly known in South Africa) deeply inspired by his strong South African heritage.